about me

welcome to my quiet corner

hello my name is kam or mimi and i'm a 17 year old leo sun/taurus moon/aqua rising with too much time on my hands. my pronouns are she她 or they他们. i'm black & latine and a nby bigender (girl+agender) lesbian with 9999 mentall illnesses but bpd is the only notable one.

before you follow:

  • no dni, i just wont accept you
  • only req with your main/priv or priv
  • i spam tweet and am a rt bot
  • my account runs multiple bots
  • slow/bad at responding sometimes bc im forgetful
  • i post about my interests, myself, whatever is on my mind

i'm making this website because 1. carrd is boring and 2. i think having my own little corner of the internet is neat. whether you're coming from twitter or elsewhere, i hope you enjoy your stay.


  • i rlly like k/cnovels, cpop, rpgmaker games, minecraft, webtoons, spirtuality, txt, bread, flatsound, cookie run, crywank, cats, xiaoju, bsd, enstars, the 100, furuba, ons, link click, cas, writing, pjsekai, roblox, scruffpuppie, anddd a million more thinfs idfk


  • tecchou, wei ying, heewon, beidou, xue yang, hu tao, licorice cookie, ashe bradley, xiaoshi, pippi the forest fairy, mu qing, soobin, my cat (monty), kyo sohma, yuu hyakuya, lan sizhui, bellamy blake, hua cheng, courage the cowardly dog, mayoi ayase, kanade yoisaki, jinsoul, luca balsa


  • ashe bradley, mayoi ayase, wei ying, yuu hyakuya, shijima mei, mafuyu asahina, sigma, tartaglia childe, courage the cowardly dog, jun wu

personality type junk:

  • isfp/enfp 8w7 485
  • leo sun taurus moon aqua rising
  • my birthtime is 7:11pm btw... *wink*
  • chaotic good
  • idk wtf else